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  • China's first independent research and development, production, sales IC
    test blocks, burning seat, aging corporate seat
  • BGA
    BGA stands for Ball Grid Array (Ball PCB grid array structure), which is an integrated circuit An organic carrier board packaging method.

  • SOP
    SOP (Small Out-Line Package Small?
    Outline Package) is a very common
    element is?
    Pieces form.

  •  TQFP
    TQFP (thin quad flat package, namely thin ? Plastic corners flat package) thin quad flat package ? Low cost, low height leadframe packaging solutions.

  • Chip clips
    The top sides of the jaws have inside hook design, the clip playing ? After opening inward from both sides of the chip can be steady grip ? Fixed contact.

  • According to the special needs of different customers, providing
    high-quality test socket customized services
      Company     News
      Junrensi Electronic Technology(JRS)is the first independent research and development, production, sales IC test | burn | aging business, breaking the monopoly of Japan and the United States long-term the industry. Since its inception in 2006, has been committed to providing value-added services for the IC test / burn / aging industry. We are committed to the chip design companies, chip packaging and testing plant, chip wide range of applications (MEMORY, SDRAM, PC, AUDIO, VIDEO and communications, automotive electronics, etc.) to provide testing (Testing), aging (Burn-in), burn (Programming), and other programs.
    After years of development, has accumulated a wealth of experience and a good reputation. Main products: BGA, CSP……More>>
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